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In the end, life is made up of the people you meet and the memories made with them. This is an account of ones encountered while traveling, exploring and being inspired by not-so-ordinary moments.

Tea Feilds; Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

I have lived in 6 different countries, been to 6 continents and seen over 60 (and counting) countries in 10 years.

I am scuba certified; have owned both a motorcycle and corvette (without crashing either); have ridden in a tuk-tuk, moped and on an elephant; I have prayed with the Monks and knelt with the Muslims;  I have gotten lost in a snowstorm and left in South Africa.

This is an account of all those stories and more. My goal is to share these encounters – and also helpful tips – with all my fellow adventurers, travelers and dreamers.

I hope it inspires you,  makes you smile and encourages you to make life stories of your own.

Check out travel info on: Traveling Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Asia

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