australia_map.gifUntil a few years ago I never knew Australasia was a separate continent. When dating my current squeeze I smartly corrected him that Australia was the continent – Australasia sounded like a made-up Scottish word for the region. Low and behold, I, the self proclaimed world traveler, was outdated and wrong. For those 90s kids Australasia and/or (probably more correctly)  Oceania correctly captures not only Australia and New Zealand, but all the surrounding small, uncharted island strings throughout the Pacific.

Although I have been to Sydney, Australia on a college style spring break bender, this region is largely unchartered territory compared to likes of Europe (lived there for 5 years) and Asia (1 year living, 7 countries tackled). Good thing I am now living here for the next two years in on a little American territory called Guam.

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