Viva Ibiza


There are times in your life when you are slowly approaching an age when you shouldn’t really be seen doing certain things anymore (at least not by American standards). Partying all night in Ibiza would be one of those said activities…so why not as a last stitch effort to grasp the last few hours of your youth, go there for your 30th birthday?! (not mine of course, I have a few years left before I am forced to be responsible)

Partying in Ibiza has an infamous reputation for being not only fun, but spring-break-style crazy. I can say we checked all the boxes: 1  – Partied VIP style @ Pacha night club – to David Guetta; 2 – Watch the sun come up whilst reveling at the night you just had; 3 – Day drank aboard a 20-something party boat; 4 – Nursed David Guetta hangovers poolside, margarita in hand

The verdict? As a now seasoned party goer of nearly a decade (ug that’s when you know you should switch to water), Ibiza is as crazy as you want it to be. As is so many ‘party’ type events, you really make the party along with the people you are with. We stayed in Playa d’en Bossa at one of the luxury resorts (highly recommend – all inclusive and reasonably priced), however, old town Ibiza is stunning and has a lot more character.

We were also afraid of being the ‘oldest’ people there, but by far we were not. Lots of topless Spanish families donned the beaches making certain areas of Ibiza feel more like a family friendly place than this drug induced hipster island. Another highlight was the hippie market, which boasted hand crafted items from artists all over the island.

Looking at an epic trip to the island of sin? (as my father loves to refer to it) Below are some helpful links/tips:

– Do go VIP – like everything else, you get what you pay for

– Do explore old town

– Do dress to impress, this is Ibiza afterall