Let me start at the Beginning

If you catch the about section, you know that my purpose is to simply share the life stories that make you smile, cry or simply think. It is with this backdrop that I share the perspective of my current conditions.

I am currently in Asia; South Korea specifically. I have one year in this interesting country and much of that will be tainted by my job. If you are a random follower, (one that has stumbled upon this by interest rather than by default of association) you should know that I am in the military – the Air Force to be exact. This should strike you as quite strange when reviewing my posts as you will see stories that encompass all. I envision this to be a collection of stories from my short past, while also including new ones as they follow.

It is also interesting, that I am both a traveler and an LT – but that I struggle to retain the first description rather than the second. Every bit of travel that I share has been an escape from reality. Yet, here in Korea, my reality is mixed with the escape. This provides an interesting struggle that is extremely difficult. How is it that your dream is mixed with the reality of life?

It is with this question that I leave you and encourage you to add posts, comments and follow as I share the interesting ups and downs that make life just that. Life.

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