No Americans Served Here


Last night was a typical Gunsan night – some hooch hoping full with Cheers, Metro and TLC – local ‘western’ catered bars. Which means that nearly everyone in the bar is military, not Korean.

However, next to TLC is a wine bar that is significantly more classy. Well we walked into this classy place and were told ‘No American’. What!? Seriously?! All I could do was make a sad face and walk out. I have never been kicked out of a bar for being American! I love wine! Plus the name of the place was written in English! Really? You aren’t going to let me have a glass of wine here, but you are going to write your menu in English!

Needless to say I was a little baffled. Clearly some rowdy bar goers from next door had caused a scene at TLC and were now banned from the place. Sure we are loud but really?! We are at least fun!

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