Kimchi: The other name for Korea

Fun fact of the day: there are over 200 types of kimchi – a pickled snack/ h’orderve that can be anything from a spicy pickled turnip to the most well known version, spicy cabbage. It is the foundation and most essential element of every basic meal in Korea. Breakfast, lunch and dinner: all have at least 5 different types of Kimchi.

Korea often gets tagged with an unpleasant name because of this essential dish. The assumption is that Korea smells terrible due to the cabbage being buried under ground to ferment. In actuality, I have seen none of this – only large clay pots filled with delectable kimchi sitting outside of houses, stores and even in the middle of Seoul.

Yes, one of the MOST basic and essential elements to Korean culture is food. Pictured above is just a sampling of the delectable offerings you will get for free with every meal. Enjoy!

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