Christmas in Paradise

What is your dream?

For me it has been to travel the world. And so I have – for 8 years of my live I have traveled to every corner of the earth. Whether it be two stepping in Texas to motorbiking down a dirt road in Rwanda – I have done it all. Yet, there was always one thing missing from this pretty picture; All the traveling I have done in those eight years has been solo. Sure I’d join a study abroad group, volunteer with people from different countries, but I have never had a consistent travel partner in my life.

Until now.

Somehow I find myself cooling in a chic cafe in Kuala Lumpur reminiscing about an evening of cocktails at the Raffles Hotel, Singapore, following a day spent in the botanical gardens within the bustling city limits. Key to this moment though, is the presence of a special someone who is crazy enough to fly halfway across the world to spend Christmas in Singapore, New Years in Kuala Lumpur and all the days in between traveling from the rain forest of Taman Negara to the tropical island of Palau.

What is paradise, or the ability to fulfill your dreams without someone there to share it with?

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