Britian Beware – I have arrived

After leaving Asia, it was a relief to step off the plane into a country that spoke English! – well sort of. My first impression of the Brits was somewhat of a surprise; they are hilarious, open-minded and sooo not as classy as their accent would have you believe.

Although there are so many things to love about this culture (one being that they ‘get’ us as another western culture) – I decided I loved Britain after:

–          Ordering a glass of wine, and was asked if I would like a large or small glass – large please!

–          Discovering these absolutely awesome things called pubs – which are seriously better than any bar in America because it is all ages, people know you by your first name and the atmosphere fills you with this warm fuzzy feeling

–          Being told so many times how they thought American culture was interesting and loved our accents even more than we loved theirs! – ?!

As I embark on the next two years of a new chapter in my life – living in yet another foreign country – I can only wonder what England, the UK and Europe has in store…


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