The Search for Nessie

You do not have an adventure in Scotland without first, drinking Scotch, and second – searching for Nessie in the depths of Lock Ness (in which order, it does not matter, but I recommend the latter).
After drinking  the local spirit, we traveled to the town of Drumnadrochit (do not ask me to say it out loud). There we caught a ride on the Nessie Hunter – a vessel specially designed to track down the infamous Monster. Led by our trusty guide, George Edwards, one of leading experts on the creature,  we set sail on the murky lake to find our monster.
Was it real?? Nice? Mean?
It is certainly understandable why this area of Scotland has so many myths associated with it. Loch Ness is the deepest fresh water lake in the UK spanning 52km and able to fit the population of the earth 3 times over within the depths of its waters. It is also extremely dark due to the Peet in its soil, a smoky mineral used in many whisky’s to give it its rich flavor. Naturally, being such a deep, dark lake – its bound to have its stories.
Aboard the ‘Nessie Hunter’ we went on our search for the mysteries animal that swims the depths of the lake. Our tour guide dove the lake several times a year and had us convinced that there must something down there not discovered. After all, new marine life is found every year in the lake and it being as dark as it is, you can never see past a foot.
Is there a real monster swimming about? We certainly tried our best to find it, but Nessie is allusive at best. Never loose hope though as new sightings resurface when you least expect it…
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