Risk Taking in Life – A random Note

Don’t be lame. Please.

Take the risk that you think might not be a good idea. That guy/girl you met at the bar? Go on a date with them – what the Hell. Stay out past your bed time on a school night. Paint your nails blue. Run in the rain. Keep those people that make you laugh in your life.

You live overseas? Well that’s cool. While traveling, why not stay somewhere unconventional – say a treehouse or on the beach. How about trying to meet people that don’t have your same culture and ideals. Interesting? How about traveling to an undeveloped country? Live on the wild side – take the dirt road to work. Hell why don’t you walk it.

Life has all sorts of interesting twists and turns, especially for those of you who can afford to tune into this blog every once in a while. Please! Don’t waste it! I don’t care who you are, what age or what point in life you are in – don’t waste life being conservative, practical and safe (well too safe). By far the worst thing a person can do is waste an opportunity. And let’s face it, Life is the biggest opportunity yet.

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