Korean Karaoke

By far one of the top things to do in Korea on a Fri night, Sat afternoon or even Sunday morning is karaoke.

Koreans LOVE karaoke. Not because they are particularly good at it,  well I am not even sure why they love it, but they do. And if you see the state- of-the-art rooms that karaoke is conducted in, you may begin to understand.

Korean karaoke is not in a massive room full of strangers, it is set up in your own personalized VIP room full of pitchers of beer, Soju & coke. With chandlers on the ceiling and red velvet  couches, you feel a little better belting out cheesy tunes with a group of your friends – And belt out tunes we did. From Korean pop tunes to some beetles, our terrible voices screamed the best of the era full of laughs and dancing.

Surely a must stop if living or visiting, Korean karaoke leaves little to be scared of when the room is filled with your friends plus pitches of beer.

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