Well, what the Hell

Why not go to the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa?

In Feb 2009, this was exactly the thought going through my head. So I applied for the Golden Ticket – and seriously this is how it goes, without the chocolate bars.

You apply for the lottery, maybe you get one, maybe you don’t. I found out that I had, in fact, got a golden ticket when my credit card agency called me for fraudulent charges to my card. Apparently when you live in Texas it is weird to get a charge in Geneva.

Well when I got that call, I figured out that I would go to Africa in a year. Did I have a plan? Nope. But I soon recruited friends to go along with the adventure. Two awesome college friends, Ben and Kayode, also joined for the trek to South Africa, which in and of itself could have a separate couple of pages written on.

Honestly, I would have never traveled to South Africa had it not been for the world cup. It is a rather interesting country with a sorted past – I didn’t quite like being white in a country full of a purely white upper class and purely black lower class. It was ire and made me want to put a huge A (for American) on my forehead.

But turns out, the world cup events were nothing of the sort. It was simply a gathering of people from all around the world bonding together through the name of sport.

And don’t imagine a football game either – it is nothing like that. Is there beer? Yes, but rarely belligerent drunks. Simply, excitement. The feel of being there for one purpose: to root for YOUR country against another. The game takes on a whole new edge just for this fact – that there are thousands people from all around the world all there to cheer eachother on. It was an amazing experience and absolutely not what I expected.

Brazil 2014?

I’ll put my hat in for the lottery and see what happens.

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