Yes, I am still alive

and writing. I’ve just been bad at it lately…so here is my attempt to tell a new story.

Last month, as you may be aware, was women’s history month. I don’t know how you are when it comes to months dedicated to everyone non-white male, but  I tend to think that the months somehow hit overkill around the 1970’s. Asian pacific heritage month? Irish American heritage month?? (which by the way shares its month with the Women in March) but what really cracks me up is universal human rights month in December (which I didn’t know existed…good job government).

Now, I don’t know how your organizations work, but the one I’m has to have a luncheon or SOMETHING to commemorate the month to whomever. That is also annoying…no month is really special because the celebrations are basically the same with a different reason.

Well, the invite came out for the – surprise – luncheon for Women’s History month. I of course had all intentions of not going (although I do happen to be a women). Until the boss of the medical clinic asked me why…which I promptly responded with “It’s kind of cliche for me to go”.

Terrible, terrible idea Viva – don’t know what I was thinking. He then proceeded to go into a history lesson about the contributions of women in history, and how their roles are constantly downplayed because males have always written history.

Then it hit me – I used to think this way. Actually I do think this way and he was basically lecturing me on something I already agreed with. What is wrong with me? Where did I loose my appreciation and knowledge of the struggles women had to go through just so I could serve! It was only 40 or so years ago really….and even less to gain equality in uniform.

Basic point – while the months are still annoying, the cornucopia that is America and its history is an important thing to remember and celebrate. Don’t loose the importance of your heritage and the people who fought for you to get where you are.

(although I still vote that Black and Women’s history month are the only ones that deserve a month)

2 thoughts on “Yes, I am still alive

  1. As science advances and evolution grinds on, men will become superfluous. Give it another few hundred years and women will be the dominate force in history. Who will need men when children can be created through recombinate DNA manipulation? This is not meant to be snarky, but a true interpretation of the future.

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