Our dreams

What was your dream?

I am not talking about meeting your perfect mate or climbing Mt. Everest – I am talking about your dream job, career, life’s pursuit. Did you accomplish it? Are you working towards it? Did you ever realize it?

I know my dream and I am still young enough to do it. However, the farther away I go from the world I once knew, the more I think about settling in a career ‘that makes more sense’. Something I swear I would never do only 2 or 3 short years ago.

It is difficult once you have chosen a path of ‘well I’ll do this for now – but later…I’ll do what I really want’ – to actually do what you really want. I am sure as life progresses that thought gets even more difficult as children, spouses and mortgages get in the way and provide an excuse for not just going for it.

Well, this is to serve as a reminder and wake up call for all those that have either said later, or really has not explored their true calling. DON’T YOU DARE FORGET.  OR put it off. Just do it – or at least set yourself up to do it. And when the time is right – jump.

This topic keeps me up at night and even pushes me to write to myself as a reminder to NEVER forget.

So, I now write to you. Never give up on your dreams, your calling, your purpose. Don’t dismiss the idea. Think on it, figure it out. Then do it. It is absolutely, never too late to be truly happy and to follow your dreams.

One thought on “Our dreams

  1. What a great topic….so important to keep your “eye on the prize”…because if you do not, no one will do it for you (they have –and should– their career dream to bring to reality).

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