The W experience

Would you:
– Drop 500euro on a room
– Buy a flight on a whim
– Where those $300 pumps that you knew would be worth it, one day
– Live like you own a yate/make 3 figures/just are fabulous — for the weekend

If you answer yes to all these questions — then you just might be the right girl for me.

We have this tradition among my girlfriends that I highly recommend you copy (and for dudes just swap out the heels for scotch and cigars) — reunite at a fabulous location and live like you are a rock star. The only requirement – it must be a W hotel.

This tradition started a few years back upon the discovery of the W Dallas. With a posh club that overlooks the city skyline and a rooftop pool, I thought I had made it to heaven. That was until we encountered the W Scotsdale, the W Seoul and more recently, the W Paris.

Can I afford these trips? Not really. But its fun to pretend that you can (even if your jeans are from target) with your best girlfriends for a weekend. Plus if you swing a room with 2 beds, a federal rate (if you are a government employee) and add 4 of your favorite people — the entire weekend is less than $300.
So the next time you better not – dont. Just go for it; go for the W.

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