On this 4th of July I find myself back in the United States for the first time in 2 years.

While it has been amazing living overseas for those 2 years, there is just something about coming home to celebrate my countries birth that gives an extra special sentiment only understood by those who have lived away from home for so long.

While explaining this to my Scottish boyfriend, he made an interesting point: Have you ever wondered what other countries celebrate their independence? England does not celebrate nor understand the concept of an Independence Day – because everyone is celebrating their independence from them!

True for nearly every European country, we have a unique perspective as a former colony, and current world power. While we are by no means perfect, it is amazing to see the patriotism seen on our birthday, celebrated through BBQs with neighbors, friends and relatives. Never before had I stopped to think how unique this celebration is to the modern world where ancient powers take for granted their years of history and dominance.

Today, while at sitting on the beach, drinking a beer with those whom I love, I appreciate for the first time the 4th of July.


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