People have their hobbies. Mine are varied and change constantly – but there are a few that remain. Good food, good wine, great people – and spas.

This interest, possibly obsession, began when I first started earning more than $2.50 an hr waitressing and progressed from starving college student to military professional. After my first taste at the Palms, Vegas, I hit near snob status by the time I was done with Asia. Hitting spas in the likes of Japan, Laos and Thailand, I had experienced the Asian spa scene and was convinced they had some of the best in the world.

At least until I learned about Roman and Turkish baths.


Traveling to the southern part of England, the town of Bath has a fascinating story. Established nearly 2000 years ago, the ruins of the original bath house can still be seen in the museum. Choosing the water for its sulfer properties, it was thought that these waters could heal the most troublesome of ailments, including the likes of leprasy and other skin diseases. Travellers also offered up offerings to the goddess, manerva whom the temple was built for.

One of the most interesting offerings/prayers to the water Goddess were for wishes for a curse to be placed on disliked individuals. Tablets have been recovered with angry inscriptions filled with the wrong doings of others; these were meant to be read by the Goddess who then would punish those appropriatly.


Perhaps even better than visiting the museum with these historical artifacts is being able to bath in these magical waters yourself in Baths main outdoor/indoor Thermae spa.

Open until the late hours, you cannot beat floating in a naturally heated pool amidst the starry night sky.

A wonderful getaway only an hour outside of London, the mystical healing powers of the ancient waters might just leave you feeling just as refreshed as the ancient Romans.



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