The Flower Carpet Festival: Brussels

Since moving to Belgium, I have been pleasantly surprised with how many festivals, brocantes (Flea Markets) and WWI/I commemorations occur nearly every weekend.

Taking place only once every two years, the flower carpet festival is one of the more famous festivals out of Brussels.


Began in the 1970s, this floral arrangement is planted directly into the cobblestones of the Grand Platz. Months of preparation go into the design as it is all put together over a day and lasts for only 3.

The significance of this festival is in the primary use of the flower, begonia. Belgium is the worlds largest producer of Begonias cultivating nearly 60 million flowers annually and exporting to the likes of The Netherlands, France and USA.


Mark you calendars for the next one – August 2016. More info can be found on the link below.

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